Simple Privacy-Conscious Web Analytics

TinyFeather is currently in alpha. Join the beta.

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TinyFeather doesn't track user data; neither yours nor your customers'. There are no third-party cookies, no data brokers, only privacy.


TinyFeather works with little-to-no configuration required—get the full power of TinyFeather right out of the box.

Yours Forever

Download your data at any time. Use it to crunch numbers or to migrate to a different platform. If you cancel your account, your data will be sent to you automatically.

What's Tracked?

In the current alpha, you can view:

  • Page hits
  • Browser
  • Screen size
  • Referrers

What's Collected?

  • Timestamp
  • URL of the page being visited
  • User-Agent header
  • Referer header
  • Screen width

TinyFeather does not store identifiable data such as IP address, nor does TinyFeather track users via unique cookies.


It is not possible to associate the data that TinyFeather collects with an individual—it is anonymous and "deidentified"—and both GDPR and CCPA have special exceptions for this type of data. [GDPR] [CCPA]

Read the blog to learn more.

TinyFeather is currently in alpha. Join the beta.