About TinyFeather

TinyFeather is a simple analytics tool to help you build a better, more private, internet space.

Hi! I’m Thomas and I built TinyFeather because I wanted track my blog’s stats without tracking my readers.

TinyFeather monitors and reports website traffic metrics to help you make data-driven decisions.

It does this by tracking metrics like page hits, link referrers, countries of origin, and browser usage, without collecting things like IP addresses, dates of birth, or gender.

Privacy is the primary driver of innovation.

Privacy consciousness is on the rise, as evidenced by detailed reporting from The New York Times’ Privacy Project, and The Electronic Frontier Foundation, as well as the adoption of major privacy-centric policies such as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, and the California Consumer Privacy Act. At the heart of all of this is corporate surveillance—advertisers, data brokers, and technology conglomerates have created a complex system of tracking and monitoring our behavior and habits on the internet.

Tools like TinyFeather provide an alternative ethos while still giving it’s users the powerful insight they need. You don’t need to target ads, track behavior, and store personal data in order to do A/B testing, affiliate monitoring, and conversion tracking.

Even if TinyFeather isn’t a good fit for you, I invite you to find other privacy-focused alternatives that are helping to make a better internet for us all.

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TinyFeather is currently in alpha. Join the beta.